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Own an umbrella? Umbrella policies

Umbrella coverage.

You're driving along and your car skids out of control. You crash into a very expensive car with a highly paid heart surgeon at the wheel. He's hurt so badly he cannot return to work. A jury awards him millions of dollars and you
have to pay it. You're wiped out financially. The court takes your savings, goes after your
home and, for decades, requires you to
give up part of your salary.

"For some people such a nightmare
could never happen," says David
Sheehan, owner of Sheehan Farmers
Insurance. "They have an extra
insurance policy, known as umbrella or
excess liability coverage, which takes
care of their liability for the lawsuits
and medical bills of the auto accident
victim - or of the teenage guest
who dives into the shallow end of the
swimming pool or the deliveryman who
trips on your front steps."

But interestingly, many people with
major assets either do not buy the extra
coverage or do not buy enough. Some
just don't know about umbrella coverage,
which also pays for lawyers and other
legal expenses. Others have heard of
it but don't understand it. Still others
decide that they do not want to pay
for it, even though the cost is usually a
fraction of the price of a typical package
of home and auto insurance.

"You never think it's going to happen to
you," says David "Personal injury lawyers
are making money by suing people. If
you don't have enough insurance you
become personally liable. As a result, only
15 percent to 20 percent of clients buy
umbrella coverage. Instead, they stick with
the $100,000, $300,000 or, in some cases;
$500,000 in liability coverage that comes
standard with the most widely sold home insurance policies.


  Umbrella and excess coverage are extensions of home and auto insurance,"
says David. "Banks make people buy home insurance to get mortgages, and states
require drivers to buy auto insurance. But no one mandates buying a policy that could turn out to be the most important part of
your insurance package."David is a can-do kind of a guy who loves helping people. He takes pride in making life easier for his clients. He realizes that
the subject of insurance can make people's heads spin. "Everybody needs insurance, but most don't understand all of the components of it. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it easy for them," he says.

David Sheehan, along with his wife Janie and
their 24-year-old son, Austin, meets people's
needs, and best of all, Farmers' premiums remain affordable even with their round-the-dock resources like its 24/7/365 Help Point claims service and that's before you take into account their "affinity discounts" for members of key professions. This includes teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, first responders, active and retired military and others.

So if you want a concise-professional review of your coverage's-or if you just want to review your current rates-you'll definitely want to give David a call for insurance coverage that's as comfortable as a warm sweater on a cold day.



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