It’s All Good BBQ – Spicewood…for perfectly smoky, moist brisket

BBQ times are best enjoyed with family & friends. It’s All Good in Spicewood is a great Hill Country BBQ destination. The brisket today is perfectly moist & smoky because pitmaster Frankie Hoch is the real deal. The consistently put out a great product.


Jack’s BBQ – A Smith Family Tradition

Meet 3rd generation pitmaster Jack Smith, wife Sylvia and sons Daniel & Dewayne. His granddad Jack Smith and Dad Jack Smith have been smoking tasty brisket, sausage and ribs since 1955. The BBQ I enjoyed today was slow smoked over red oak and was super smoky, moist and tasty. What a nice treat here in Cut ‘N Shoot near Cleveland. They are located at 17560 105 East, Cut N Shoot 77306, phone 936-445-1372 See picture of their restaurant now and trailer they started in 2004. We love the tradition of small town Texas family BBQ…the Smith’s know how to do it right.





Texas BBQ Trail Top 20 – Can You Name All 5?

How many of these 5 Texas BBQ legends can you name?



Tootsie Best




Texas BBQ Sides – Do They Really Matter?

Do BBQ sides really matter? If you have a favorite side from a Texas BBQ joint I want to know. Here is one that will stick to your ribs. Tator tot casserole. Bread, beans, creamy cole slaw, vinegar based cole slaw, potato salad, corn casserole, mac n cheese, squash, roasted corn, jalapeno corn, green beans…the list goes on. While the meat is most always the main attraction, perfectly prepared from scratch sides are also popular. The best BBQ joints have their own signature sides.


BBQ & Beer @ Infamous Brewing: Come Visit Us

BBQ & Beer is a great way to bring friends together. Here in Lake Travis we meet monthly at Infamous Brewing for relaxed networking. This group is called GAP (Greater Austin Professionals) and we meet the 2nd Tuesday every month from 6-8pm. In May, we had a blast by including Schmidt Family BBQ – Bee Cave pitmasters Chad Franks, Jeremy Smith & Troy Warlick. They smoked a perfect brisket for everyone to sample and also shared Central Texas BBQ tips. Tips included how to buy a smoker, the right wood, how to buy a brisket, fire management, how to prep and slice a brisket. A great time was had by all. If you want to become a better backyard pitmaster, check out Schmidt Family BBQ’s Smoke 101 class offered every 1-2 months and co-sponsored by Infamous Bewing with my buddy Josh Horowitz. Call David at 512-751-3080 to find out more details.






Top Chef – I’ll Still Call Aaron Franklin Pitmaster

Texas BBQ Pitmaster legend Aaron Franklin just won the best chef in the Southwest, James Beard Award. This is a huge honor and signifies how much Aaron has done for Texas BBQ. The message the award sent. “It is a monumental shift for the culinary world to recognize barbecue like this.” He beat out many notable top chefs. But in my book, the title pitmaster is a top honor in of itself. Texas pitmasters put so much work and long hours into slow smoking tasty beef brisket, sausage, pork ribs and beef ribs. Aaron has clearly elevated the BBQ playing field and in doing so made Austin the #1 BBQ city in the USA, even beating out Memphis and Lockhart. His attention to detail, daily preparation and planning and approach to BBQ as part art and part science has led him to smoke some of the very best Q you’ll find anywhere. Franklin’s BBQ is consistently top notch. Personally, I do enjoy Franklin’s BBQ despite the line. You get to smell that smoke, anticipate for hours that moist brisket and in doing so meet some cool folks from all around the world on that line. I can also highly recommend his book.





BBQ, Blues & Brew – Smokey Denmark’s BBQ @ Infamous

Great time last night at Infamous Brewing with my brewmaster buddy Josh Horowitz. Josh hosted Smokey Denmark’s pitmaster extraordinaire Bill Dumas and local blues favorite Ru Coleman. Check out Infamous Brewery off 620 & Husdon Bend. Bill smoked some great brisket, tasty sausage and offered his specialty “Double Oinker” pulled pork / sausage sandwich which was a big hit by all. Highly recommend you check out Smokey Denmark’s in Austin on East 5th. Drop by to hear Ru Coleman who is a mainstay at Poodie’s Roadhouse in Spicewood on Hwy. 71

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Texas Sized Beef Ribs…from Lance at Stiles Switch

Just love enjoying on special occasions a Texas Sized Beef Rib from my pitmaster buddy Lance Kirkpatrick at Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew in Austin. They are conveniently located on 6600 North Lamar in Austin. Lance got his start at Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor. Taylor is a legendary BBQ town and it is a big deal we have such a great BBQ joint here in Austin. They do all their smoking the old school way. Low and slow over post oak. Beyond their beef ribs I also give top scores on their smoky brisket, jalapeno cheese sausage, pork ribs, cole slaw and their signature side — corn casserole. Drop by for small town Texas BBQ in not so small Austin.



Smoke 101 – Schmidt Family BBQ in Bee Cave

OK BBQ lovers…we all love to eat the good stuff. But most of us have no idea how to slow smoke a perfect Texas Brisket. Schmidt Family BBQ in Bee Cave with pitmasters Chad Franks & Jeremy Smith are giving you an opportunity to eat some great Q, enjoy a cold Infamous brew and learn from the pros. You’ll learn the history of Central Texas BBQ, how to pick the right brisket, how to season, what wood to use, how to smoke and even how to slice a Texas brisket. Gonna be big fun! See you November 11th in Bee Cave.