Top Chef – I’ll Still Call Aaron Franklin Pitmaster

Texas BBQ Pitmaster legend Aaron Franklin just won the best chef in the Southwest, James Beard Award. This is a huge honor and signifies how much Aaron has done for Texas BBQ. The message the award sent. “It is a monumental shift for the culinary world to recognize barbecue like this.” He beat out many notable top chefs. But in my book, the title pitmaster is a top honor in of itself. Texas pitmasters put so much work and long hours into slow smoking tasty beef brisket, sausage, pork ribs and beef ribs. Aaron has clearly elevated the BBQ playing field and in doing so made Austin the #1 BBQ city in the USA, even beating out Memphis and Lockhart. His attention to detail, daily preparation and planning and approach to BBQ as part art and part science has led him to smoke some of the very best Q you’ll find anywhere. Franklin’s BBQ is consistently top notch. Personally, I do enjoy Franklin’s BBQ despite the line. You get to smell that smoke, anticipate for hours that moist brisket and in doing so meet some cool folks from all around the world on that line. I can also highly recommend his book.