BBQ & Beer @ Infamous Brewing: Come Visit Us

BBQ & Beer is a great way to bring friends together. Here in Lake Travis we meet monthly at Infamous Brewing for relaxed networking. This group is called GAP (Greater Austin Professionals) and we meet the 2nd Tuesday every month from 6-8pm. In May, we had a blast by including Schmidt Family BBQ – Bee Cave pitmasters Chad Franks, Jeremy Smith & Troy Warlick. They smoked a perfect brisket for everyone to sample and also shared Central Texas BBQ tips. Tips included how to buy a smoker, the right wood, how to buy a brisket, fire management, how to prep and slice a brisket. A great time was had by all. If you want to become a better backyard pitmaster, check out Schmidt Family BBQ’s Smoke 101 class offered every 1-2 months and co-sponsored by Infamous Bewing with my buddy Josh Horowitz. Call David at 512-751-3080 to find out more details.